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Steve Doyle

Steve Doyle has been designing and building websites since 2003, when he first created to share his short stories and poetry collections. In those days, Steve knew no HTML or CSS, but never one to stumble over a learning curve, he built the site from scratch, without templates or site-builder tools, a method he still prefers today. With his formal background in computer programming he was able to quickly learn and utilize JavaScript to add enhanced capabilities to the site, while still maintaining operability for those users who chose not to enable it.

In 2008 Steve designed a logo and built a website for a pet-sitting business “Sit, Walk, Run” (no longer in operation).

In 2009 Steve built DoylePrints for his wife, Susan, to share some of her photography. This site is actually in line for a redesign itself. (Get on it, Steve.)

In 2010 Steve used BlogSpot to build a showcase for his friends at the Herscher Project, an international group of writers and artists.

In 2013 Steve was working as an analyst at a small consulting firm that underwent a name change and complete website overhaul. Together he and the owner designed a new logo and color scheme and Steve went to work building with an eye toward responsive design, realizing more and more people were using handheld devices to view sites on the web.

This project led Steve to revamp A few minutes surfing the web with his own smartphone was enough to convice him that many websites out there are in need of similar revisions. In 2015, Steve created to address that need. If your website suffers from similar issues, contact Steve today!

Steve lives with his wife, Susan, and two dogs in Marlborough, Massachusetts.